Findmedica Advantages

Your patients multiplied in outrageous numbers!

To your clinic or hospital, patients are arriving or not, depending on the investment you’ve made in branding, SEO, and still the number is limited.
It’s practically the same thing that happens in the offline world. There are brands with physical stores (no store at all) and there are corners to hire in large supermarkets, places where every day, more and more people get to –a lot more people than an independent store could attract.
Similarly, the online marketplaces will open up a new universe, though infinitely wider than in the offline environment, and this can be seen a lot in the good results.

Amazon gives us a figure. According to this reference marketplace, businesses increase their sales by 50% when they start working with this platform.

Reach New Countries

Addditional Channel For Profit

Reduce Marketing Cost

Establish New Partnership

Get Global

No Commission

Build New Data

Brand Awareness