Her Gallstone Caused Small Bowel Obstruction.

Her Gallstone Caused Small Bowel Obstruction.

A 64 year old female from Libya, Mrs. Awtif Ahmedabusetta Elneil had persistent vomiting, appetite problems and other health problems in general. While she was in-patient in Libya the last 15 days, upon her own and family’s request, she decided to come to Turkey for diagnosis and treatment.

Our patient who had deterioration of health condition directly was admitted to Medilife Beylikdüzü Hospital where her diagnosis and treatment were initiated. When the patient was first admitted, general medical condition troubles, renal failure and high blood sugar have been established. Efforts have been made to fix these situations primarily. After preparing the patient for further examinations, in the abdominal tomography an egg-sized stone which fell from the gallbladder (GALLSTONE ILEUS) was detected in the final section of the small intestine which obstructed the digestive tract.

The event of falling and obstructing the digestive tract due to formed stone in the gallbladder is very unlikely. Our patient was succesfully relieved of the intestinal obstruction due to gallstones (GALLSTONE ILEUS) by the immediate operation.

Op. Dr. Yücel Polat who performed the surgery reported that, the diameter of the formed stone which fell into small instestines and obstructed the digestive tract was 4,5 cm. He also noted that these kind of problems are very rare. After the surgery our patient has turned back to her normal life and got discharged in healthy conditions.

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